CHDEMU V2 LaTale Emulator Readme (English Version)

Part I: About this project

CHDEMU is a server emulator of the MMORPG La Tale, which is developed by Actoz Inc. from Korea. CHDEMU IS NOT A PRIVATE SERVER. It should be only used for self use and for study purpose.

The project is developed by gmsj0001, the author of this blogger.Further development may be canceled because of a public leak of La Tale official server occurred at Dec 2013. Thus the author decided to make this version partial open sourced in Public Domain. You can download, modify, complie, or re release this project freely for studying, adding feature, or fixing issues.

If you like this project, either the distribution or the source, you can consider making a donation to me. Thank you.

Part II: Features

This version of CHDEMU provides the following features.

O Tour around the game world
O Learn and cast skills
O Obtain and equip items

The emulator is tested on the 20130117 release of USA La Tale and compatible with any client from version 274 to 283. Suggest download links will be provided at the end of the article.

Part III: Simple Usage

Configures is located in chdemu.ini. Available settings are:

IP, Port: The IP address and the port for listening.
ResourceDir: Directory of the data files. Fill in your game client path.
Pack: Use SPF pack files or not.

First login will create the user. Please provide the correct username and password.

The following standard GM commands are available (GM commands start with double slashes):

portal PosX PosY [StageID] [MapGroupID]
giveitem ItemID [Count]

A client patch is provided to skip the XTrap loading and enable Non-English input methods.

Part IV: Advanced topics

chdemu.db is a SQLITE database. Advanced users can use related tools to edit the saved data.

There is a packet sniffer tool provided in the download links. You can use it for analyzing the La Tale packet structs.

Users who know about programming can visit github to checkout or fork the partial sources for building a custom server yourself.

Part V: Links

Client patch:
Packet sniffer:
USA client (20130117):
USA client (v9.0, 2012):

39 Replies to “CHDEMU V2 LaTale Emulator Readme (English Version)”

  1. Hi 😛 i currently have the emulator working but it comes up with boxes for ID:________ Password:__________ with a start button, and i put in a username and and a password however it seems not to connect. Could you please explain the process i might need to go through to fix this problem or create an account. thank you for releasing such a good emulator!

    1. What version of client did you use? Did you start the client with the RunLocal.bat?

  2. Hi gmsj0001,
    Thanks for this emulator, tested and works!
    Btw, would you mind to share the SPF packer/unpacker?

  3. where i can create login and password and enter in game? please explain the process. I use 20130117 version USA

    1. first login will create the account use the entered username and password. you should use the patch provided in the links and use its batch file to launch game to avoid xtrap and weblogin.

    1. screenshot looks all right, perhaps a strange problem that i’ve never met before. what’s the version and language of your operation system?

    2. ohh, please open the resource monitor and check if the port 10000 is already used by other program?

  4. Nice Work gmsj0001 !
    btw, mine only worked after changing the ports, i tried on 9090 and worked.

  5. Are there any plans to create a private server?

    > public leak of La Tale official server occurred at Dec 2013
    Where? Never heard

    1. I won’t create any private servers at this moment because I love LaTale.
      Server executables first came from Taiwan in 2010. At Dec 2013 someone uploaded the files in China and there were about 1000 copies of download in 3 days.
      Leaked server is in version 274 and does not competible with Season 2.

  6. I love LaTale too, but when i play on US or JP (with proxy) servers i and my friends have high ping. Full server emulator is a good chance play LaTale in LAN with friends without lags. Sorry for my bad english.

  7. Are you sure that it leaked server workable? I tried to run it, but the server’s GUI does not work. Other ways to start the server does not exist, for all I know.

    1. 因为你没找到 = =

  8. hi, i’m korean so i can’t wall english
    I was working succeeded
    But l’can used GM commands
    Also, I do not know what the itemID
    Do you have wrote the itemID?

  9. The giveitem command works, but equipping&using items doesn’t work.
    Also, the portal command doesn’t work properly. It randomly sends the character to jail map, and cannot escape.

  10. Hello,

    I scrubbed the internet in search of a Latale S1 or S2 server, i found several forums and some sites, however most of the links are broken, and i could not put together compatible server and client. Could you re-upload the files?

    Thank you,
    An internet fellow.

    1. I re-uploaded some of my files but please notice this post is not a full leaked original game server. It’s not what u looking for.

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