[Xiaofei Radio][VOL.9][柴可夫斯基《天鹅湖》(下)]

01 Scene — Odette and the Swans return to the lake

02 Act III.  In the Castle of Prince Siegfried, A Ball at the Castle

03 Dance of Corps de Ballet & Dwarves

04 Scene — Entrance of the Guests & Waltz

05 Scene — The choice of a bride by Prince Siegfried

06 Pas de six — Six noblewomen

07 Hungarian Dance – Czardas, Russian Dance

08 Spanish Dance

09 Neapolitan Dance

10 Mazurka

11 Scene — Siegfried’s mother expresses joy at her son’s choice of Odile.  Siegfried and Odile dance.  Rotbart and Odile leave the ball.

12 Act IV.  By the Lake, Entr’acte — Prince Siegfried at the lakeside

13 Scene — The swans await Odette

14 Dance of the Cygnets

15 Scene — Odette is offended by Siegfried’s behaviour

16 Finale — Prince Siegfried begs Odette’s forgiveness, breaks Rotbart’s spelland is united with Odette.

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