CHDEMU LaTale Emulator V1.00 Readme For Foregin Users

Part I: Definations and Statements

CHDEMU is a server emulator of the MMORPG LaTale, which is developed by Actoz Inc. from Korea. CHDEMU IS NOT A PRIVATE SERVER. It should be only used for study and for fun.

The project is developed by gmsj0001, the author of this blogger. The project is closed source currently.

Part II: Client Compatibility

This version of CHDEMU is only compatible with the Chinese version 1.42, which is released at December, 2008, with the LaTaleClient version 1.262.4XX. The client package download link will be provided at the end of this article.

Part III: Features

Of the connection server, the emulator provides you to login, create or delete character.

Of the world server, the emulator currently implemented the Map system, Coord system. Some of the NPCs, Chat are alos implemented. The emulator support multiple players to logon to the game.

In a word, the emulator allows you to tour around the game world. Please notice that this project is the first server emulator of LaTale in the world that can perform a map tour.

Part IV: Instructions for use

For local test (single player), you can simply run the server chdemu.exe by a double click on the executable file. The client shoud be launched from the command line:
LaTaleClient.exe /Run:VHIGH /Window /LoginServer:

For multiple players on lan or wan, you need to run the server by specifying the listening IP address using the command line like this:
chdemu.exe -ip
And the client command line should be:
LaTaleClient.exe /Run:VHIGH /Window /LoginServer:

The first login will create the user. Please input the correct username and password. This password will be used when you login again. Then you can create your character and logon to game.

One cheat command have been used in the game. You can input the following syntax in the chat window to portal to anywhere.
//portal StageID MapGroupID [PosX] [PosY]
For example:
//portal 6 0          Elias
//portal 15 0        Blackmoon city
//portal 67 0        Atlantis

Part V: International Issues

LaTale uses the MultiByte Character Set (MBCS) in developing the game, so the client will show unrecognizable texts on non-chinese codepage machines. If you’re concerning about this, you can change the system locale settings or use the AppLocale utilities.

Part VI: Futher development

The next development will support the lastest client versions. It will be released at January, 2014.

Download links:


X001 server got hacked on Nov 4th and the hacker erased all my data on the disk. So the download link was broken. You can wait for the version 2.0 got released.



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    1. only support portal command currently, and the stage id and the mapgroup id you can try any numbers you like.
      new version is in developing now. the code is being refactoring. hmm the coding is not easy…

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